App Privacy Policy and Terms of Use - PuzzleMix


Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


1-PuzzleMix is an app that can be executed inside Facebook(r) using Instant Game Platform. PuzzleMix offers several puzzle images, and digital photo frames as well, where user can add their profile picture, and turn it into a puzzle to be solved.


2-PuzzleMix does not store any user data. Only profile pictures are requested but not stored anywhere by PuzzleMix. When using our digital photo frames on our App, the user profile picture URL will be submited to our servers, where it will be loaded and added to the photo frame, but it is not stored on our servers. The resulting image file will be returned to the application using base64 encoded image.


3-PuzzleMix photo frames should not be used for any commercial purpose.


4-You may remove all content generated by PuzzleMix, by removing it from your Instant Games list on your Facebook Privacy Settings.


About Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

PuzzleMix does not store any of user’s data on servers. User profile picture is used only when necessary and then discarded, after the resulting image file is returned to the user's browser.